Price Increase for all Instagram Views Services!

Instagram has released an algorithm update yesterday. Before this update, from one Instagram account you could watch a video hundreds of times and all views were counted. Now, according to the new algorithm, only the first watch counts as a view. Hence, in order to adapt to the new algorithm, we had to make a big change to our system which made it way more costly for us to run it.

حزمة حزمة TikTok #3


  • 1000+ معجب TikTok
  • 1000+ لايكات TikTok 
  • 10000+ مشاهدات تيك توك 

شراء هذا المنتج الآن وكسب 370 نقاط!
SKU: tiktok / fans-1000 | tiktok / likes-1000 | tiktok / views-10000 فئة:


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