How To Host On Twitch?

Twitch was founded in the year 2011, and it is a popular platform which is used for streaming digital broadcast videos. It is an online video streaming service that enables people to stream a video which other users can view and take part in a live chat. Twitch is basically an online streaming platform used by gamers to live stream their video games so that people from all around the world can view it and talk about it in a chat room. How cool is that, right?

Just by sitting in your home, you can let hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world view and take part in what you are playing. Twitch is definitely a great place to connect with people who love gaming from all around the world.

When you are live streaming a video game on Twitch, you are ‘online’ however, when you stop your live stream, you go ‘offline’. If you still want to connect with your viewers without having to live stream a video game, then you can host someone else’s live stream on your own Twitch channel. You can do this by entering the host mode on Twitch.

Hosting someone else’s live stream on your Twitch channel is mostly done to help that person expand their channel by supporting them, and it also enables you to connect with the viewers even though you are not the one who is playing the video game. To host on twitch all you have to do is open the chat room of your channel and enter ‘/host’ followed by the username of the person whose live video game you want to host on your Twitch channel. You can stop streaming their live video on your twitch channel by typing ‘/un host’ followed by their username in your chat room.

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