How to Make Money on YouTube [5 Hacks]

Making only apart of your estimated channel potential?

Here are the 5 vital tricks of the trade you need to know to make money on YouTube from day one.


The number of channel subscribers and the average monthly channel subscription rate is both key indicators of how well the audience responds to your content.

Know the number of your channel subscribers and the average monthly channel subscription rate

We know what you’re thinking of!

Of course, the number is clearly visible on your channel account. But do you actually know how many people are subscribing every single month of your YouTube presence?

Knowing how many subscribers you have now and are likely to gain within the next couple of weeks might be a crucial piece of information in estimating the possible number of views (and hence, money) your next video will get.

How come?

Keep in mind, even if everyone says YouTube is paying per mille/1000 views (CPM) the number of channel subscribers helps you predict the possible number of views (which typically is around 10% of the subscriber’s count) on your next video.

Imagine you have 10 000 channel subscribers; the possible views count is going to be anything between 1000 to 1500 views on each upload. To gain more views and increase the rank of your channel within a YouTube algorithm you might consider raising your subscribers base with paid promotion.

đź“Ś To get started with YouTube you can buy views for YouTube videos or browse FeedPixel to see what services are available for YouTubers.

The verdict – keeping track of your monthly subscription rate allows you to make accurate predictions on the time you will start earning your desired figures. It also gives you an idea of overall quality and engagement in your video content.


Keeping an eye on your YouTube statistics over the first 48 hours is crucial to head in the right direction.

Keep an eye on your real-time YouTube statistic

That seems soobvious! Why do we even bother ourselves to put this on the list?

Analyzingthousands of YouTube channel growth cases (polled 4357 YouTube creators), we’vecome to realize that a large portion of channel creators checked in with theirmost important stats once in 15-30 days.

Most of themwere just at the beginner stage, but there were those who struggled to see thegrowth for years and depressing data made them feel down.

Here’s a goodthing about checking your stats no matter where they are today.

Taking notice of your first 48 hours after uploading, and the last 60 minutes gives an insight into your videos reach right off the bat.

Spikes in the views number suggest a video share and may also help you predict when most subscribers of your channel are on YouTube to increase your total watch time.


Stimulate viewers’ engagement through comments, likes (creator’s hearts), and a clear call to action at the end of your video.

Stimulate viewers’ engagement through comments, likes, and call to action at the end of your video

A great deal of pro YouTubers advises replying to every comment at least the first 24-48 hours after you post a video to spike a channel subscription and the engagement of other viewers.

You can also give credit to the best comment on your video by marking it with a creator’s heart. By doing this you’ll instill inspiration in potential subscribers and build trust in your channel.

Watch how many around YouTube are using generic “Subscribe to my channel” as their call to action. You won’t be surprised why so few really follow the call and subscribe.

Use the clearquestion instead. Something like “what of the 10 tricks you’ve learned todaywill you put into practice first?” works way better.


Be aware of your Audience (Viewer) Retention and try to nail it further.

How to Make Money on YouTube - boost audience retention rate

The retention rate is simply the percentage of the total length of a video that a viewer watches. In case your video is around 10 minutes and a viewer watched 7 minutes – your audience retention is around 70% which is not bad at all, yet has to be improved.

Your Audience Retention rate has a direct impact on your YouTube paycheck. The better it is – the more you could earn. High Viewer Retention is a clear indication of quality content for the algorithm.

And YouTubepromotes your videos in the recommended section like crazy bringing you moreviews and more money by the end of the month.


YouTube Audience Demographics is a real superpower tool to boost viewers’ engagement. If you care who are your viewers, of course.

 Learning more about your audience will give you a clear sense of what they like most, and what least. Luckily for you, YouTube shows the exact data as age, gender, the geographical location of your target audience.

Adjusting your posting time, uploading age/gender appropriate content you are bound to grow your channel subscription and engagement by 10-20%, as statistics shows.

đź“Ś A QUICK TIP: You may even go a step further and develop your potential viewer persona by analyzing which video content engages him/her most. To learn more actionable tips across all social media platforms and social media marketing how-to guides are sure to check our blog.

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