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Meet Pixel who is here to help you buy quality Reddit upvotes/downvotes, comments an d posts for the prices as low as $ 2.88 per 10 upvotes/downvotes. Get your powerful promotional instruments to secure maximum exposure of your business at the minimum effort. Also, you definitely want to check our loyalty program for longtime customers.

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Our customers who opt for buy-as-you-go packages never experience worries because of crunch time or false promise. If some help is required, just let us know. Ask our personal assistant to help, and you’ll be impressed with the service. Done in less than 5 minutes, one-time payment guarantees your order being processed as soon as the transaction is done.


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$ 2
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How to Buy

Choosing the right product to buy is simplified with a 3-step buying process at FeedPixel. Here at FeedPixel convenience and speed is a promise.

Step 1

Take some time before deciding what to buy and how much of the product you want to secure. You will also need to decide whether you want to buy several products or just particular one. Discover new benefits of what we offer, and choose your fit.

Step 2

Provide us your Reddit post URL for which you need to buy upvotes/downvotes, or comments. Rest assured, we will never disclose the information you have trusted us. We guarantee the whole process is 100% private. No any other credentials are required.

Step 3

Having done with first an dsecond step, you need to choose how to pay for the services you order, wait couple of minutes for your transaction to be processed by FeedPixel. As you passed the payment step, we will deliver your full order within 24 hours at most. Yet, drip-feeding is also available if you wish to do so.


Some practical buying tips in 1minute video guide on how to shop on FeedPixel, and to shop exactly here. Let’s be sure you got your most suitable option.

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Why Us

Pixel helped a number of Reddit accounts get to the top of the search, and jumpstart the number of account visitors, and improve visibility of their posts. With us you get the delivery in 24 hours or less at the cheapest price, and the best part is its quality. With no registration, sheer assortment, and reliable 24/7 Live Chat support, FeedPixel is here to ease your worries and get you most promotion.

Fast delivery

Your full order is delivered over the first 24 hours or under, regardless of geographical location, time of the day, or the package ordered.

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Optimized Reddit offers at the lowest price is an additional enhancement to your Reddit profile and the fastest way to a steady organic growth.

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Quality upvotes/downvotes, comments and posts from real Reddit account users is our signature which brings brand recognition and our customers loyalty.


Because no credit card history and no password required for transactions, FeedPixel serves your clarity and safety via secured payment portal.

Support 24/7

Customer helpline support available 24 hours, 7 days a week is available via the Live Chat, Free Call at 8-800, or Ordering a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

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With more than 1 thousand happy clients, more than 20 thousand Reddit upvotes/downvotes and comments delivered globally we have established FeedPixel brand.


Most frequent questions and answers

In short, you will get a snowball effect of the post for which you buy upvotes. Reddit as the tenth most visited US website, has a plenty of fish you want to attract to your enterprise, whether digital or real. Since Reddit is a highly engaged community, it can be the best source of viral traffic for any message or brand. So upvotes reasonably balanced by downvotes are for catching viewer’s/target audience attention with particular aim.

FeedPixel stand by its promise to guarantee you the best quality service. So we offer legit traffic only. Upvotes and downvotes FeedPixel provides are from real and active Reddit users geographically diverse and multiple platform friendly. There’s definitely a plus in buying real upvotes, as practice shows those Reddit users may get really into whatever you post on Reddit, thus willingly commenting on the feeds and boosting organic traffic.

Well, there are three steps as was said above. First, you go online and browse for a product you want to buy. The next after it when you have already selected the right option and seen the rules for the game. The last one is actually payment itself. Providing basic credentials as Reddit post URL is absolutely not intimidating. Try it and you’ll be pleased.

You surely do. This is not the question whether you can or cannot, but rather how is the most convenient for you. Buying a certain number of comments/ upvote/downvotes, will gain you some points from every product which is added to your account, and all the same from each particular product you add to cart while selecting. Your points are summed, and you will get extra products for free.

Yes and no. You may be successful and really get onto the front page if, and only if you couple the quality upvotes and comments from FeedPixel with excellent content and superb motivation to boost heated debates, comments on your Reddit post. Upvotes alone, even the quality ones are not the guarantee you take the lead.

Paying is easy as one, two, three. PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrency are ways for transaction to be done. When you select your purchase you may “Add it to cart”, or press “Proceed with Payment”. The next thing is to select the payment option you find appealing, and you are almost done. Oh, and by the way, the point system for loyal customers allows you to exchange points for money to pay the next time you need to pay for the products.



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