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Hi again! Pixel is here to help you buy quality reviews to suite all your needs, beginning from Google Reviews for as low as $ 5.99 per 1 Google review, and Yelp Reviews – at just $14.99 per 1 one.  Getting high rating reviews is crucial for any business, or individual entrepreneur if you want to grow your audience reach. Learn more about the many benefits of FeedPixel’s loyalty program. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Get our 5-star reviews to build a credible business profile as most trusted and approved by customers, and get your business up and running in no time. FeedPixel posts all the reviews from different IP/locations/browsers written by real people so that everything is legit and credible. To guarantee your business a stable organic growth we promise to deliver those reviews in a way that most suits your order. As soon as you order reviews our professional will get back to you and discuss the specific strategy to make the most of your purchase.


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The simplified 3-step buying process at FeedPixel takes as little as 3 minutes, and enjoyed by all our customers. That’s coincidence – you can buy reviews while running track at a local gym, or ordering you favorite Pepperoni. Convenience and speed is our motto.

Step 1

Make up your mind on what product in particular you want to buy, and what is the right amount of it for your business. Difficult to say? Just reach out to our customer support experts who will help you get the best application of resources you buy. Discover the benefits of FeedPixel’s offer, and be one step closer to your success.

Step 2

Provide us your business name/business page URL for which you buy reviews, or text/comments you wish to post. No worries, the information that you provide is never disclosed to public. We guarantee 100% privacy of the buying process, and no additional data is asked from you.

Step 3

Choose the way to make a payment, when the first and second steps are over. Take a breath - your transaction is being processed by our system. As soon as it is approved, we’ll deliver your reviews as is previously negotiated – within 48-72 hours – or as you prefer us to drive off your purchase.


To make most of your order, get a little help from Pixel. A 2- minute video guide illustrates the whole process for a first-time buyer to guarantee best customer experience with us.

Why Us

Pixel helped a number of businesses around the world to take off the ground, get to the top of the search, and skyrocket the number of customers immediately. Get reasonably priced highest quality delivery in 48-72 hours or less globally. No registration, variety of options, and reliable 24/7 Live Chat support, FeedPixel is here to ease your worries and let others do the job for you.

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The order in full is delivered over the first 48-72 hours or under, regardless of geographical location, time of the day, or the package ordered.

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High quality reviews at the lowest price is a dream of steady and effortless organic traffic coming true at FeedPixel with zero time spent.

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Quality reviews, comments and posts from real people is what brings us brand recognition and our customers loyalty and let us ahead of competitors.


Because no credit card history and no password required for transactions, FeedPixel guarantees transparency of the process, and its safety via secured payment portal.

Support 24/7

Customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week: Live Chat, Free Call at 8-800, or Ordering a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

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With more than 4 thousand happy clients, more than 10 thousand Google reviews delivered globally we have established FeedPixel brand.


Most frequent questions and answers

A few 5-star Google reviews can do magic to your business. You’ll gain some promotional speed if you buy a few quality reviews, to begin with. Your potential clients will be drawn to your business thanks to its credibility proved by 5 star Google reviews from real people. What’s more, the number of quality Google business reviews influences Google search results placing you higher than your competitors. Ultimately, higher rating means more customers. That said, all the benefits only work if you get high quality Google reviews from a reputable source who cares of its clients. Quality service and customer satisfaction is FeedPixel’s top priority.

Yelp is a great website and mobile app with over 120 million unique visitirs per month, a real power to propel your business image fast, as 85% of the customers take Yelp reviews as personal recommendation as the statistic shows. On top of that, more reviews will double your profits as long as the number of customers is concerned. Yelp ranks highly on search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing, so when a person searches for your business he is likely to find Yelp reviews before he even sees your website. Positive impression right off the start!

Your business lives and dies on customer’s trust, right? Buying 5  star Facebook reviews from FeedPixel at a reasonable price is a wise investment. 74% of consumer’s say that positive Facebook reviews make them trust local businesses more. When you buy 5 star Facebook reviews you gain an equal chance with other big players to make it to the top. 

Providing a variety of choices is our unique feature to enhance your buying experience. Finding reputable service and top quality genuine reviews is a challenge. But it is also a shortcut for a startup to scale, win customer’s trust and earn significant revenue. Buying reviews will give the wings to your goal. FeedPixel believes in the value of long-term relationships and commits to its promises. We use only real accounts to post your reviews/comments, so having a few 5 star reviews from us is a safe marketing technique.

The whole idea of FeedPixel is about quality and affordability. Responsive customer service, point program, seasonal discounts, and of course quality 5-star reviews for business profiles on any platform are part of our promise. Each and every one should have an equal opportunity to succeed no matter emerging or established business.

Making a payment takes roughly 5 minutes, and is super easy and clear for every customer.  PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrency are the payment methods we have. Selecting your purchase, you may “Add it to cart”, or press “Proceed with Payment”. The next thing to do is to pick the most convenient payment option for you. Also, FeedPixel’s point system for regular customers allows you to factor in the points you gained from your buy into your payment on future orders.


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