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Hola! My name’s Pixel and I am here to help you buy real and active Telegram members and post views at the lowest price possible. For as low as $ 0.99 per 100 channel members, buying lifetime packages with guaranteed refill is best of both worlds. Make sure you get our loyalty program for longtime customers.

Buy-As-You-Go Packages

Convenient buy-as-you-go packages are easy to purchase. Need some help in choosing the right fit? Ask our personal assistant to help, and you’ll have the best offer you can imagine. Done in less than 5 minutes, one-time payment guarantees your order being processed once the transaction is done.

Channel Members

$ 0
From 100 Channel Members​
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

Group Members

$ 1
From 100 Group Members
  • Real & Active People
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Post Views

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From 1000 Post Views
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

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How to Buy

With a new simplified buying process at FeedPixel you are only few steps away from your goals.

Step 1

Choose your most handy Telegram package; be sure you understand which is best for you. Set the number of channel/group members or post views you with to have. Discover pros, and select the right option for you.

Step 2

Provide your channel/group link for which you are buying members, views. Do not worry, the data you provide are never released to public, and the whole process is private. No any other information is required.

Step 3

Pick the payment method and wait a few minutes for your transaction to be processed by us. Once the payment is processed, your order is guaranteed to be delivered within 48-72 hours. However you may opt for a drip-feed as well.


Now is time to make the deal certain. Easy-to-digest video guide will help you buy top quality Telegram package in a little over 3 minutes.

Why Us

Buy actively engaged Telegram group and channel members and post views from the trusted social media marketplace.  Get the delivery within 48-72 hours or less at the most affordable price, and spike the visibility of your message effortlesslly in no time at all. With no registration, sheer assortment, and reliable 24/7 helpline support, FeedPixel is here to champion your Telegram endeavors.

Fast delivery

FeedPixel ensures the order delivered within 48-72 hours or less, regardless of geographical location, time of the day, or the package ordered.

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Quality Telegram purchase for the lowest price is a proven medium to hike your Telegram account viewership and channel/group membership to get your message across.

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Superior quality group and channel members and post views assure our customers content with the service, longtime loyalty and credible business profile


With no credit card history and no password required for transactions FeedPixel makes buying services safe and transparent via secured payment portal

Support 24/7

Contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

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With more than 50 thousand happy customers, more than 300 thousand Telegram members and views delivered all around the world we have established FeedPixel brand.


Most frequent questions and answers

Having impressive number of group/channel members will add worth and credibility to your Telegram account. Broadcasting your message to a large audience, whether informative or business, is no longer a problem with bought members and post views. Active Telegram members are real Telegram users who will engage with your posts and draw attention of newcomers and less actively involved members. Besides, you don’t have to cough up money on your advertising campaigns. Just post an add on channel at zero cost, and see massive number of people viewing it and reacting instantly. Buying Telegram members is survival hack for marketing professionals, social figures and startups.

It definitely is safe. FeedPixel respects your privacy and makes buying as easy and safe as possible. Our simplified purchasing process is 100% private and requires nothing more than your group/channel URL for which you are buying the services. No suspicious activity on your account ever involved FeedPixel services.

As all active members are real people online on the Telegram platform, it is possible that they may find the channel not interesting, and subsequently, leave. However, that shouldn’t be much of a problem, right? FeedPixel is sure to scratch your back. There is a guaranteed refill to ensure your bought number of Telegram members are with you. Just let us know if you experience any problems with newly bought members. Customer support 24/7.

The short answer is No. Our customer’s satisfaction with the buy is an ultimate goal of FeedPixel. Thus, FeedPixel constantly updates approach in accordance with Telegram policy. Buying real Telegram members and views from FeedPixel has never resulted in ban thus far. Why would otherwise many of the clients return for their next purchases?

Customer satisfaction is FeedPixel’s top priority. High quality offers and fast delivery of the order are the features of FeedPixel that are hard to beat. Loyalty program, opportunity to opt for custom order and personal assistance are unique characteristics to guarantee you fast and easy buy. With lowest prices as a pleasant bonus, FeedPixel is an opportunity you want to benefit from today.

To make it really convenient, FeedPixel accepts payment through PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrency. When you select your purchase you may “Add it to cart”, or press “Proceed with Payment”. Then all you have to do is to choose the most suitable billing option and you are all set. Most importantly, there is a point system for loyal customers, which allows you to exchange points for money to pay for the product.



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