¿Cómo configurar donaciones en Twitch?

¿Cómo configurar donaciones en Twitch? Esto es lo que vamos a abordar en este post.

Como tu ya sabes. Twitch es una de las plataformas más grandes para la transmisión en vivo de jugadores de todo el mundo. Sus videojuegos entretienen a otros usuarios que ven sus transmisiones. La plataforma se fundó en el año 2011.

In the beginning, there was no way for streamers to support themselves financially on twitch. However, the twitch corporation noticed how much their small streamers were struggling. Because Twitch could not support themselves financially.

This led to Twitch introducing their new feature. Twitch bits which enable twitch streamers to earn money by collecting donations from their viewers from all across the world.

Set up donations on Twitch through bits

Twitch users can buy ‘bits’ which is known as the currency on Twitch.

📌 They can buy 100 bits on twitch for $1.40. Spend them in the way of their favorite streamers on Twitch. Read more in detail on How To Donate Bits On Twitch.

How To set up donation On Twitch-2021 with bits

You can easily buy bits on Twitch. By clicking on ‘Get bits’ in the upper right corner of the screen. Or by clicking on the bits icon at the bottom of the chat of any streamer’s channel. You can donate these bits by going to any channel on Twitch that has activated the cheering settings. Click on their chat room and type ‘cheer100’ which will enable you to donate 100 bits to the streamer. You can enter any number of bits that you want to donate to the live streamer on Twitch.

Another way to set up donations on Twitch is through Donorbox.

Donorbox is a third-way platform that collects donations for streamers on twitch. Streamers can get this feature and add a donate button next to their twitch channel. By clicking on the donate button, the twitch viewers will be able to submit their donations to their favorite streamers on Twitch. You can submit your donations through PayPal or Amazon account or bank transfer. All the live streamers on Twitch can get the donation feature by going to their channel’s settings and enabling the donation option.

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