How To DM On Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform which like every other network allows you to send messages directly to other Twitter accounts.

How To DM On Twitter 2019?

Most of the times, people interact on Twitter by mentioning each other in their tweets by using ‘@username’ which allows them to tag the other person. When you mention someone in your tweet, they will be notified about it, and whoever has followed you can view your tweet when it comes on their feed.

The interaction that you hold with someone by mentioning them in your tweet is open to the public, and everyone can view them and reply to them. Therefore, if you want to have a private conversation with someone that no one else can view and reply to other than the person who you want to talk to, then you should send them a direct message on twitter.

It is always better to direct message someone on twitter than mentioning them in a tweet if you want to protect the confidentiality of your messages. A direct message is shortly known as dm too.

DM on Twitter 2019
send dm on twitter 2019

So, if you are wondering how you can dm someone on twitter, then don’t worry since it is not a difficult task and millions of people direct message each other on a daily basis using Twitter. You can dm anyone on twitter even if they are not following you.

However, there are some accounts on Twitter that have turned off this feature from their settings which enables only the people they are following to direct message them on Twitter. Mostly these account holders are celebrities with a blue tick who would have gotten hundreds and thousands of dms every day if they had enabled this feature.

There are two ways through which you can send a dm to someone Twitter.

2019 direct message on twitter

1. The first way to send someone a direct message on Twitter is by going to their profile by entering their username in the search bar or by clicking on their twitter handle and then going to the message button to write the message and click on the send button.

2. The other way to send someone a direct message on Twitter by clicking on the message button on top of the page and entering the username you want to send a message too.

You can either write a new message or continue an older conversation. Write the message and click on the Send button to dm someone on twitter.

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