How To Tag Someone On Facebook?

Tag someone on Facebook 2019

Facebook is a great place to interact with your friends and family. You can share images and videos with the people you know by tagging them in the post. In the modern era, ‘memes’ have become very common, and people tend to tag their Facebook friends in those posts to have a laugh. You can tag someone in your comments or on your posts or pictures and videos.

To tag someone on your Facebook comment, start typing their name, and their account will come up. You can type @ and enter their name to tag them on Facebook.

Tag someone on Facebook 2019

To tag someone on your posts on Facebook, there is a ‘tag friend’ option at the bottom of the ‘Create Post’ option. Simply enter their name, and you will be able to tag them on your Facebook post. It is important to know that you cannot tag more than 50 people in one post on Facebook.

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