PixRank Levels

Hi friend! Welcome to PixRank – customer’s number one destination to maximize shopping experience on FeedPixel. It is your chance to get a flexible cashback on your purchase plus up to 10% off. Don’t miss out on generous discounts we run for loyal customers like you.

Bronze Customer Benefits (PixRank 4)


When placing your first order with us you are automatically starting your bronze customer journey. Highly rewarding Bronze Customer PixRank allows you to stretch your social media budget quite a bit. Here’s what you have to gain in little more details. 

Bronze Customer Requirements

You won’t believe it but the only requirement we have is that your total sum of purchase is more than $500.00 USD. You’ve hit it already? Welcome to the Bronze customer league! Check your email inbox the letter was just sent to you.

Silver Customer Benefits (PixRank 3)


Once the customer joins Bronze Customer league the next station to reach is Silver Customer PixRank. It may take quite some time to meet its criteria, but the results are worthwhile. Take a look on why you may want to get to your silver status as fast as possible.

Silver Customer Requirements

Wandering how to become a Silver PixRank? Quite easy! Whether you buy TikTok views, or LinkedIn connections, Instagram followers or Facebook likes – every time you purchase you get a step closer to $1000.00 USD Silver PixRank – total purchasing sum to enjoy its benefits.

Gold Customer Benefits (PixRank 3)


Gold Customer PixRank is each customer’s dream destination for its satisfying experience. After all, who wouldn’t want to get both a nice cashback on account and a good-enough discount? Don’t take our words for it. Check the promised benefits yourself.

Gold Customer Requirements

The only requirement we have for you to upgrade your PixRank to Gold is to enjoy your shopping experience with Pixel to its fullest. As the total sum of your purchases exceeds $2500.00 USD you’ll automatically receive an email notification of status update.

Platinum Customer Benefits (PixRank 1)


Cordial welcome Platinum Member of FeedPixel’s family! You’ve proven your loyalty to Pixel over the journey to your ultimate destination – PixRank 1. We can’t wait for you to enjoy your platinum benefits gladly offered by Pixel for deserving VIP customers like you.

Platinum Customer Requirements

A customer who’s purchasing sum surpasses $5000.00 USD in total is welcome aboard! Sounds like you’ve met the criteria? Go ahead and check your email inbox. Your welcome Platinum PixRank CARD? notification is already waiting for you to take full advantage of discounts and cashback you deserve.


Most frequent questions and answers

It really depends on your purchase. The general rule is – the bigger the spending, the faster you meet the PixRank criteria. That said, you may buy the services you like, be they budget or VIP. No pressure is on you. As always, Pixel puts customer experience first. PixRank is just another way to reward loyal customers.

After years spent in social media marketing business, we have decided to credit out customers in a bit different way than our competitors do. The idea of PixRank comes from appreciation of each and every customer we have here on FeedPixel. There are those who may choose to buy once every 2-3 weeks, and definitely those who have chosen Pixel as there one-stop-shop for all their social media needs, dropping by daily. Granting both certain points (Loyalty Program) is surely not enough to reward unique members of our family, as we feel. So that’s where your PixRank comes in handy allowing to increase the cashback and discount size as customer shops with us.

The PixRank was introduced not to repel our customers but to REWARD! If we were to fool you in such small, why would anyone be interested in our services at all? Faking the rank system would immediately result in thousands running away from us. Isn’t it what hurts reputation most and drops sales drastically? Being for over 4 years on the market we would never scam people just to get a one-time profit. We believe in long-lasting seller/buyer relationship. Period.

In case you stopped using our service less than 6 months from your last purchase, your PixRank together with all its benefits remains the same, giving you a chance to continue proving your loyalty to Pixel as soon as the need for the service arises. If, however, it’s been more than 6 months since you last dropped by our marketplace, it is unlikely your PixRank is reserved. But anyway, all cases deserve individual attention. Just drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll see what can we do to restore your PixRank.

There are no hard rules for buying from Pixel. It is a matter of your need, not your wallet or PixRank. Some of our customers can afford to buy just 3-4 times to meet the Gold or Platinum PixRank criteria, while for others it may take up to 10-20 purchases to get there. We just want you to have customer experience you deserve. Thus, regardless of your rank you still get access to cashback and discounts on all of your orders PLUS the points to redeem on the checkout.

No. These are two separate programs with different benefits and different aims. The goal of Affiliate Program is to share your positive shopping experience with friends and people you know to build reputation in the first place and grow the revenue. Both ours and Affiliates as they are getting paid certain commissions. The point of PixRank is to DISTINGUISH loyal customers and reward them rather than to stimulate sales.

Each customer gets certain amount of points to redeem on the checkout to save up a few dollars on their purchase. We mean EACH because the number of points depends solely on the purchasing sum. The bigger the sum, the more points. With PixRank it’s a bit different. You are credited more on your loyalty rather than the sum you spend for placing the order with us. Yes, the rank is given based on the sum, but there’s no pressure on you to buy more than you actually need. Take as much time to shop for X amount of money as you plan. Just know, when the purchasing sum is met, there is a worthy reward for you. Pixel’s credit for loyalty.