Como doar em Twitch?

Como doar no Twitch é a questão que será respondida neste artigo.

Twitch é uma plataforma de transmissão ao vivo onde jogadores de todo o mundo transmitem seus videogames ao vivo para pessoas de todo o mundo verem.

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It is a great source of entertainment for people who like gaming in the whole world. Twitch allows people to connect and enjoy a good video game together. Also, this site is being used by celebrities who are into gaming to earn money by streaming their video games. There are some famous celebrity twitch users who end up making hundreds and thousands of dollars from their live streams. Learning how to donate on Twitch could be helpful to support those people.

If you are wondering how to make money from live streaming your video games on Twitch. Then let me tell you that this can happen through donations. Accepting donations from your viewers on twitch is the basic way to earn income. Donations help streamers to pursue twitch as a full-time job and entertain their viewers by making streaming their video games. They spend more time online and connect with their viewers.

There are two ways through which viewers can submit donations for their favourite live streamers on twitch.

Ways to donate on Twitch

Twitch donation button with Donorbox
How to donate on Twitch : Bits Emotes

1. The first way to submit payment on Twitch is through Donorbox. You can easily submit donations through the donor box by paying through your credit card, PayPal, or any ACH bank transfer. Donorbox is a third-party donation transfer software that is being used by Twitch users to donate money to streamers. A donate button would be present on the streamer’s Twitch channel on which you can click to submit your donations. Donorbox is definitely a secure way to send and receive donations on Twitch.

2. Another way to donate money to someone’s Twitch channel is through Twitch Bits. Big streamers can easily make a lot of money from their Twitch channels; however, there are a lot of small streamers who struggle to support themselves financially which is why Twitch has introduced a way for these small streamers to receive money through donations. This feature is known as ‘cheering’ in the twitch world. ‘Bits’ is the twitch currency which viewers buy and spend in support of their favourite streamers on Twitch. Buying 100 bits on twitch cost you $1.40 through Amazon and PayPal.

You can also get bits by viewing ads on your favorite streamer’s live video streaming for 30 seconds. You can find out more on How to donate bits on Twitch here in this blog.

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