Como ganhar dinheiro no Pinterest: um guia passo a passo

Para ganhar dinheiro no Pinterest, basta estar lá. Além disso, algumas das dicas que revelamos são tudo que você precisa para começar a ganhar dinheiro nesta plataforma.

Ei, sábio de mídia social, chegando nesta página. Há um grande chance de você pensar em adicionar alguns dólares ao seu orçamento familiar a cada mês. Ou alguns milhares, quem sabe.

The most beginner-friendly tips to start earning with Pinterest today are mouthed here. From scratch to $1000+ per month. Not a bad at all to kick off your influencer career on Pinterest, hah?

Let’s first see why Pinterest e who makes most of it before we actually move to your suggested action plan.

Why Choose Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is known as a platform having a profound effect on shaping consumers’ shopping decisions?

As of 2019, according to Pinterest statistics, 80% of U.S. household purchases were made by women aged 25-54 which constitutes roughly 83% of Pinterest users.

Planning their family budget, recreation, or home décor with catchy and addictive Pins?. Pinterest (85%), a global bulletin board, beats both Instagram (53%) e Facebook (44%) despite the growing popularity of both.

See how staggering the numbers are? You have to take your Pinterest presence seriously! if you want to turn your pinning passion into a unique money-making machine.

Mind reading who is most likely to tap intoPinterest profit-making potential?

Who Needs Pinterest Most

Among 20+ niche markets on Pinterest. Food and Drink, Style and Beauty are said to get the most popular, according to Pinterest stats. Hence, bloggers and affiliates in those niches are very much likely to gain audience traction.

Most Popular Niches on Pinterest

Yet again, if your postings are fairly good and the timing is right you (or, rather your boards), have a chance to win respect and recognition among the target audience over time.

On the flip side, the dull and ugly boards literally have não chance to stand out in such saturated and lucrative niches.

The global board demographics shape perfect influencer marketing targets on Pinterest. Known as primarily women populated. Pinterest, however, has managed to grow its male audience by 50% of its 2014 size reaching about 20% against an initial 14%.

Besides the above-mentioned niches. There is a bunch of others interesting niches for both genders, including personal finance, travel, health, and fitness, business and marketing, photography, parenting, and crafts.

If you haven’t been already on Pinterest, you’ve been losing 47% of Millennials who purchase from brands and products they interact with on Pinterest as recent data shows.

Now to business: how to actually start making money on Pinterest?


🔺 #1. Promote your own service to make money on Pinterest

Taking its demographics into account. Everything about the daily routine, life hacks, home décor, family budget, and recreation are all the perfect niches to drive the traffic to your website.

Promote your own service or blog

Creating your business account with multiple boards for similar categories goes without saying.

That said, it all boils down to time and practice. Do not expect visitors to pile up on your blog pages from the get-go. The average time for driving Pinterest traffic is 45-60 days, taking the average time for pinning.

In other words, shopping is not instant for Pinterest users. Home design and traveling, the two most popular niches on Pinterest, were clipped to boards by consumers to redecorate their houses (43%) within the next 5 years and take vocations (50%) in the next 6 months. Even though a bit different, the figures for the food and drink niche also shows a planning trend among the app users.

Another thing worth considering when getting on Pinterest is the visual element of pins. Catchy layout, bright colors, and readable font are part of the promotional deal. Designing tools like Canva help to take off the ground without hiring a professional.

🔺 #2. Do affiliate marketing to make money on Pinterest

As with all other social media platforms,affiliate marketing perfectly works on Pinterest as well. Once banningaffiliate activity on the platform, Pinterest then changed its mind to acceptit as a legit way to make money there.

Do Affiliate Marketing

The peculiarity of affiliate links is that no shorteners like Bitly are allowed. The link is posted as-is.

When creating a pin relevant to your promotedproduct be sure you have a visuallyattractive image and inserted the correct link to a product/service landingpage. Users see the proposal, pin it for later use on their boards, and at somepoint make a purchasing decision.

By the way, your product description (a genuineone with some emotions) is a part of a package. Keep it under 500 characters investing 80% of the “selling” informationin the first 50-60 characters whichare likely to appear on users’ feed.

Hashtags help

Adding relevant hashtags also helps you toimprove platform rankings. As is stated on Pinterest when users search for aspecific idea, the newest pins withrelevant hashtags show up first driving attention. As for the maximumnumber of hashtags allowed, it needs to be lessthan 20 per pin.

Promoting certain brands and their products on Pinterest may not be the fastest way to go from rags to riches. But it definitely lets you enjoy commissions every month. Besides, if you are already an affiliate on other platforms. Pinterest can be your way to expand, and reach out to new target groups.

No matter your goal, growing your fan base, sticking to a regular posting schedule, and boosting your monthly views are the first things to unlock your Pin Marketing campaign.

It is also recommended to disclose affiliate relations with the brand by adding #ad, #sponsored, or #affiliate under a product pin.

Make sure you have pelo menos a couple of hundred followers on your Pinterest business profile before you approach a brand to become its affiliate on Pinterest. Pretty much any brand wants to collaborate with Pinterest influencers to boost sales and establish a brand awareness, which leads us to the next way you can earn money with Pinterest.

🔺 #3. Get involved in Influencer marketing

With enough followers and monthly views, you can try influencer marketing. Partnering with a particular brand (e-commerce store, agencies, or a certain retailer) there are two potential ways you negotiate the business you do together.

Influencer Marketing

First, you may advocate for a brand by posting pre-created content a company wants you to promote. In this way, the company reaches your audience and generates leads to turn them into customers later on.

Needless to say the more views, repins (shares), and active followers you have on your account – the more the company interested in you as a promotion channel for their service/product. The promotion process pretty much resembles that of an affiliate with compensation set in a different way.

An affiliate receives the commission based onCPC (how many people clicked on the referral link), CPA (the number ofpotential customers who signed up for a course, newsletter, membership, or actuallymade a purchase), and CPS (the number of people who bought a product/service).An influencer, on the other hand, negotiates a campaign fee upfront regardlessof its results.

Another way

to partner with a particular brand is to create the content yourself and represent the company’s image before your followers. Many would disagree saying that is simply a virtual assistantship for a brand.

Even so, the thing that makes it a Pinfluence(Pinterest Influencer Marketing) is that it functions very much alike to thefirst way of brand partnerships. An assistant is still an influencer who advocates for a particularproduct/service in front of a Pinterest public.

Creating pins and extending reach is handled across different boards on the company’s business profile, a shared board, or on influencer’s personal/business boards.

More and more companies are willing to hire an influencer who has already gained an impressive following on Pinterest, and engagement, of course, to curate a shared board where the promotional pins appear.

A board that is present on both influencer’s and company’s profile maximizing the content reach is a shared board. A flat fee of X amount of money is set up when influencer applies to become a brand advocate plus a certain charge for creating the content (or they may want you to again post a pre-created content).

🔺 #4. Make money from Pinterest itself

You’ve been on the platform for quite a bit, managed to get your foot wet in brand partnerships, build your successful online presence – perhaps, it’s time to start teaching others about Pinterest’s success?

Becoming a Pinterest consultant requires a strong knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), and mounts the responsibility of prospect’s commercial success.

Make Money off Pinterest Itself

Knowing how the platform algorithm really works, what are the triggers for consumers’ decisions, and most popular trends are among the daily objectives for a consultant.

Consultants usually go through the Pinterest profile of a client, leverage the analytics tools, and study the entire website before listing all the necessary recommendations. The best in the field reportedly make a full-time income out of their Pinterest marketing tactics, charging as much as $2500 USD per single project, and $500 per scheduled phone call.

Creatingand selling your own video courseabout Pinterest marketing, on the other hand, is one of the fastest ways tokick off your teaching career. Promoting the course on the platforms like Udemyor SkillShare may help your budget at the end of a month.

Both are well-respected platforms when it comes to MOOC (massive open online courses), generating great leads, and boosting sales of courses offered there.

Key Takeaways

There are a few things to keep in mind before you go:

📌 Consider leveraging Pinterest for your business as the ultimate traffic driving machine under the right application. Think of potential niche, demographics, and the layout of posts.

📌 Spend some time developing your Pinfluence strategy. Invest time and money into learning the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing hiring a consultant, signing up for a course, and reading a ton of materials on how to make most of your Pinterest presence.

📌 There are no hard and fast rules for making money on Pinterest. No one gets rich overnight, but paying meticulous attention to building a robust following on your Pinterest account, improving users’ engagement (likes, views, and repins) is crucial to the slightest influencer career aspirations.

📌 Not necessarily the cake (in your case money) gets the most skilled, but the most dedicated one. The person who wants to learn the entire Pinterest popularity algorithm, including but not limited to SEO, tracking personal progress each time you pin.

📌 Pinterest is a lucrative income source for Pinterest consultants, charging flat fees for account analysis and its optimization (full-time income easy way!).

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