Price Increase for all Instagram Views Services!

Instagram has released an algorithm update yesterday. Before this update, from one Instagram account you could watch a video hundreds of times and all views were counted. Now, according to the new algorithm, only the first watch counts as a view. Hence, in order to adapt to the new algorithm, we had to make a big change to our system which made it way more costly for us to run it.

Facebook Video Views

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$3.59 - $158.89

+ Suporte 24/7 GRATUITO de um agente pessoal para garantir a você a melhor experiência do cliente


Ganhe até 794 Pontos.

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  1. Ben Turk -

    It was risky to buy 5k views for my post with zero experience in social media marketing. So i got on the line and talked to social media agent. Ben i guess, can’t remember his name but it’s not important. The important thing is that by the end of the talk I got a clear sense of why to but and how much exactly. I ended up to buy slightly less but twice that month. The output is just unbelievably good.

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