Free Social Media Tools

Here are FREE tools to track your Analytics and Statistics on social media. Essential to any successful online presence they would allow you to easily keep the record of your social media network and take steps accordingly. Convenience at no cost for you! Enjoy.

Social Network Calculators

tiktok money calculator

TikTok Money Calculator

A quick question for you, how does money on TikTok are earned? What is the current value of your TikTok account today? How much is its future potential? Estimate within seconds.

youtube_money calculator

YouTube Money Calculator

Do you think of making money on YouTube? Or, developing a personal brand? If you answer YES, then 3.0 high-speed YouTube Money Calculator is the right address for you to stop by.

Twitch Money Calculator

Twitch Money Calculator

Do you know how much money you can gain per stream? Advanced Twitch Money Calculator brought by Pixel is a tool to estimate your streaming potential with a single click.

Instagram Money Calculator

Instagram Money Calculator

Hey Instagram freak, want to learn the rules of Instagram marketing game? FeedPixel’s Instagram Money Calculator gives you million chances of tracking your platform revenue hustle-free.

Free Social Downloaders

YouTube Downloader

Download any videos from YouTube Website. Choose between 16 different extensions and resolutions.

Twitter Downloader

Download any GIFs or videos from Twitter Website. Choose between 16 different extensions and resolutions.

Facebook Downloader

Download any video from Facebook absolutely for free it different resolutions and extensions.


Instagram Statistics

Analyze the growth and engagement of you Instagram Channel and marketing plan at no cost for FeedPixel customers.

Twitch Statistics

Analyze the viewers and streaming stats of your Twitch Channel absolutely for free for FeedPixel customers.

YouTube Statistics

Analyze the growth of subscribers and views of the video to create and share better high quality content.

Deep Analytics

Instagram Statistics

Get an access to all of your Instagram Insights, Statistics, Analytics and much more. Be the first in your Instagram Business and give no space to your competitors. Absolutely for free for every FeedPixel Customer.