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Buy Instagram Followers [100% Safe Delivery]

Hey there! Tired of seeing competitors gaining an unfair advantage because of the followers count? Pixel is here to get you real Instagram followers at the lowest price on the market. Buy Instagram followers from FeedPixel, boost your brand authority, reach a wider audience, and grow your Instagram following faster than ever. Real Insta profiles and risk-free delivery is Pixel’s promise.


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How To Buy Instagram Followers

Ready to buy followers on Instagram? FeedPixel is here to get your account score dozens of authentic Instagram followers with real profiles you are missing out on.

Step 1

Decide how many followers fit your budget and goal. 500 followers suggested for newer accounts. For custom solutions use Instagram Package Builder.

Step 2

Provide Instagram username. Because Insta followers are delivered from the outside and no account password is needed.

Step 3

Complete the Checkout. With nearly 50 payment processors accepting PayPal, cards, and crypto coins buying Instagram followers has never been easier.


Still wondering how to buy Instagram Followers? Let the video guide get you through step-by-step.

Why FeedPixel

If you are looking to increase your Instagram reach and brand following fast, real Instagram followers from FeedPixel are the best ways to achieve your goals. Cheapest prices on followers for personal and business accounts, flexible discounts for regular clients, and safe delivery are the key reasons why 21 000 Instagram users choose FeedPixel. We never compromise on customers safety and the quality of followers we provide. Buy real and cheap Instagram followers, add credibility to your account, and beat bigger brands.


Get your Instagram followers delivered within 6 – 48 hours or less. Your geographic location, time of the day, or the package ordered does not matter.


At FeedPixel, you can be sure your order details and the billing address are kept private. 2000+ businesses trust FeedPixel because of the privacy promise. We never disclose or sell any personal information to third parties.


Cheapest prices on high-quality Instagram followers and natural delivery ensure our customers’ satisfaction, high loyalty rating, and credible business profiles


FeedPixel provides high-quality Instagram followers with real accounts and reach at the lowest price on the market. No need to risk buying fake followers cheap when you can buy Instagram followers real and cheap.


Buying authentic Instagram followers from FeedPixel you give a quick boost to your Instagram account without running a risk of being blacklisted.


Reach us out 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Around two-thirds of influencers and 7% of all businesses buy Instagram followers on their accounts. Let’s count down the reasons thousands of Instagrammers buy followers weekly.

Become an influencer

Despite the quality of the content, you are judged by the number of followers on your Instagram account. If becoming an Instagram influencer is your goal, the first thing to focus on besides your account engagement rate is followers count. Imagine seeing a food blogger account with 50 000 Instagram followers and another one with 500 followers or less. As a food fan, which one you are most likely to follow? The bigger the number of followers and likes on an influencer’s Instagram profile, the more credibility and following it gains.

Yet however big is your followers count, the quality of Instagram followers you buy plays a big role in your account growth and its overall safety. Getting fake followers from doubtful services (bot accounts with no activity) in large amounts in a short period of time may result in account suspension or ban.

Buying real and active Instagram followers with posting history from FeedPixel on the other hand, compiles with Instagram terms of use minimizing the risk of being blocklisted. At the same time, real followers may not only improve your brand authority but your account engagement as well. Over 500 Instagram influencers who buy Instagram followers from FeedPixel reported an increase in the number of likes, views, and comments on their profiles. Read the most recent Instagram services reviews.

Brand awareness and reach

The easiest and fastest way to raise brand awareness and your Instagram influence is through buying authentic and real Instagram followers. Even beginners on Instagram know that the Instagram algorithm tends to favour accounts that have large audiences to speak to. Simply put, an account with 100 000 Instagram followers and 4-7% engagement rate is twice as likely to get pushed up the rankings than another profile with a handful of followers and little to no Instagram likes.

Reaching potential customers and clients on Instagram also depends on how big your following is and how much engaged the fans are. Each time you upload a photo, video or go live on Instagram your followers get notified, which in turn leads to better engagement, more followers, and faster organic growth. Don’t miss your chance to buy Instagram followers to improve your reach.

Stand the competition

With over 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories every day, and 46% of those who made a purchase, Instagram has been a sweet spot for hundreds of thousands of  businesses. But how does a new account with hardly any followers and handful likes stand against niche giants like Sharpy, ASOS, or Chabbie with over 100 000 followers?

Bigger brands in your niche use the followers count to their advantage expanding the reach and influence every day. Their accounts are trusted and promoted by the Instagram algorithm making it difficult for a newer brand to generate leads and drive any traffic to their website from Instagram. That’s where real Instagram followers from FeedPixel step in.

Buying Instagram followers you give a quick organic boost to your Insta profile, increase your rankings, and bring your Instagram posts in front of potential clients.

Save time and money

Building an impressive Instagram presence from scratch takes time, money, and effort. Although it differs from Instagram niche, posting activity, and geographic location, it would take between 1-5 months to count your followers in thousands. There are multiple tips, tricks, and techniques on how to get more Instagram followers, including calculating best time to post on Instagram, mass following (a method when you follow up to hundred accounts each day), and using free Instagram followers generators that bring more harm than good. Nearly every seventh Instagram user got a profile blacklisted or hacked, time wasted, and money taken away while trying different ways to grow their accounts.

Buying high quality Instagram followers from FeedPixel, you don’t have to worry about paying twice or not getting your followers. FeedPixel is the only legit social media service trusted by nearly 2000 businesses and influencers from around the world, which delivers real quality Instagram packages.

We help your brand grow its Instagram influence, and save money on Instagram ads and influencer campaigns.

Instagram Followers







Instagram Followers FAQ

Is buying Instagram followers safe?

Yes, absolutely. Because FeedPixel provides only real followers on Instagram, you do not risk, when you buy followers from us. We hire Instagram pros and best developers to add flexibility to our delivery system. Once we receive your order, the Instagram team analyses your posting activity, average engagement, the niche and the content you post. This helps us find the delivery speed that is natural to your account. Also, no Instagram password is needed for the delivery.

In short, to keep customer accounts safe, we use natural delivery methods and provide only real Instagram followers.

How do real followers differ from fake followers?

Hundreds of customers buy Instagram followers through FeedPixel because they are 100% real app users with interactions, profile visits, and reach. Fake followers are typical bot accounts with no profile activity, avatars, and reach. Since its beginning Instagram has been strongly against any artificial activity cracking down on any account that gets fake followers. FeedPixel makes sure you buy followers who are real humans. Our Instagram followers database is manually checked and is updated regularly to ensure quality standards.

Are all Instagram followers in the market real?

No. In fact, there are dozens of scammy services selling bots and thus, putting you at risk of getting a ban from Instagram. While FeedPixel strives to make service affordable for personal and business accounts, we still have to balance out the real followers costs. You have probably seen (and perhaps, tried) cheap bot followers already. All that those services do to you is take your money with no result. While not universal, real Instagram followers are likely to interact with your posts.

How can I pay for my followers package?

There are 15+ different ways to pay for our services at FeedPixel. Customers are welcome to choose between PayPal, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrency. Buy Instagram followers and pay with major crypto coins (Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Steller (XLM), Monero (XMR)), or make an easy PayPal transaction. All major credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc. are accepted. If you experience any payment or other issues, or are not sure why your payment keeps cancelling, we will be glad to help you sort it out.

Why do people buy Instagram followers?

For many reasons. Among the most common reasons app users buy Instagram followers are account growth and brand recognition. Comparing two fashion brands, the one with the bigger number of followers always wins. Its strength lies within account authority (Instagram algorithm gives preference to such profiles), which guarantees its visibility. Promoted by algorithm, instagram profiles with large following have higher chances of getting on the Explore page, skyrocketing fans engagement and attracting new followers and views. Impressive followers count is the first step to getting out your message or product.

That said you won’t get any visible effect from followers you buy unless they are authentic and engaged with the type of content you upload to Instagram.

Do you drip feed Instagram followers?

Yes. Although the delivery speed is natural, drip feed is still preferred by some of our customers on big enough orders. Buying more than 500 followers you may consider drip feed delivery. In this case, a typical batch of 100-150 followers are delivered daily. It is strongly advised that you buy Instagram followers in smaller amounts for newer accounts with little activity to avoid being suspended.

Will the followers drop?

Unless you buy fake followers from dubious Instagram services, no followers will drop. At FeedPixel, all Instagram products are taken seriously. A dedicated order team checks orders completion and ensures each customer gets only high-quality followers.

Still, there is a chance of about 1-2% followers drop as those are real humans who may not like the content you publish on Instagram. Yet FeedPixel takes care of that by over-delivering the size of your order, and offering a 30-day refill of the size of the drop.

To compare, a typical drop among fake Instagram followers is nearly eighth times higher than real followers we provide.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Because buying real Instagram followers with FeedPixel is easy, wasting hours, days, and weeks waiting for account growth makes no sense. Real Instagram followers with profile activity, and impressions will add visibility to your account, and serve as social proof for new followers and viewers. To buy Instagram followers form FeedPixel:

#1 Select Instagram followers from the packages above, or use a Package Builder if specific amount is needed.

#2 Type in your Instagram username without @ in the Username field on the product page.

#3 Complete the payment. We accept PayPal transactions, and all major credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency coins.

Let us receive your order and verify the transaction. Once it is approved, it is processed through the system and manually checked by the assigned agent from the Instagram team. The delivery starts right after and may take up to 6-48 hrs depending on the order size.

How do I know which followers package is best for me?

To make it clear, there is no one size fits all number of Instagram followers. Yet there are guidelines from years of interaction with new to established Instagram accounts. They should help you buy Instagram followers that most likely suit your needs and budget.

Keep the number of posts in mind. If you post several times a day your followers count should increase by 250-1000 followers a week to reflect corresponding followers growth. If you post several times a week buying 100-250 followers would look organic.

Consider your account age. It naturally takes longer for newer accounts to gain followers. Thus, 100-250 is a safe bet for a new Instagram profile with few posts and activity. Established accounts with more than 5 000 followers may buy bigger amounts though.

Prioritize your Instagram budget. Although followers are critical to organic growth, the number of Instagram likes and comments is not less important. Take the likes to followers ratio when buying Instagram followers. Typically, a 1000 new followers mean 100-200 likes on accounts with up to 50 000 followers. Bigger accounts (100 000+ followers) have a followers to likes ratio at 1-2%. Perhaps, buying a smaller package of followers and adding Instagram likes would make more sense?

How fast is the delivery for Instagram followers?

A standard delivery time for Instagram followers is 6-48hrs. This time largely depends on the size of the package you order and  your profile age and activity. The system adjusts the speed to each individual account to guarantee natural delivery. Getting all at once through the instant delivery puts your account at risk of being blocklisted. FeedPixel recognizes the need to get everything right away, but puts account safety first.

Nearly each time when Instagram releases updates this number shifts to either end. That is also done to make Instagram followers come organically.

Geographic location on the other hand does not impact the delivery speed.


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The last time it came through a bit delayed. But support is amazing! I’ve checked in twice or so. They got all my questions replied and overdelivered order (nicee).

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I have been been buying Instagram services for quite some time. It seemed never working for my account though. Followers I bought from FeedPixel are real profiles who attracted a lot of new fans and profile visits. My experience with them is only positive.

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