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TikTok Money Calculator

Hey, curious about how much is your current earning potential on TikTok?
 Pixel is thrilled to introduce a
brand new TikTok Money Calculator! Match yourself against most popular TikTok accounts! Estimate your chances of becoming a TikTok influencer and earning passive income today. No need for lengthy registration, or human verification, and Zero money is ever asked from you.

How To Use TikTok Money Calculator On FeedPixel

To get an accurate data complete the necessary steps

step 1

Step 1

Put the number of fans, posts and likes on your TikTok account in total.

step 2

Step 2

Set the average number of views, likes and comments on each post*

step 3

Step 3

Select your geographic location (where you live) from the drop-down menu.

What TikTok Money Calculator Is For:

TikTok daily/monthly income

Estimating how much TikTok account can earn daily, monthly, and yearly.

Earnings per single TikTok post

Calculating how much money a single TikTok post can make.

Accounts revenue comparison

Getting insights into how much money other TikTok users make.

Current and Future potential

Comparing your TikTok account current profits to its potential earnings.


Basically, there are two major ways to earn money with your TikTok account. The first is influencer marketing, when you promote a certain brand or endorse a product in your video. This generally is a video ad aimed to generate sales for a particular item/brand. The other way is to sell your own services or products through your video content. In both cases, though, you’ll need a solid number of fans, likes, views and comments to have on your account before approaching a brand/company. Accounts with most engagement (say 300-500 K+ followers, 5M+ likes, 300+ comments/post) get approached by local brands and small businesses in the first place.

Well it really differs from account to account, depending on what you mean by average TikTok user. Anywhere between $50K and 150K per brand partnership according to Influencer Marketing Hub. But this may vary depending on industry, target audience, geographic location, viewers’ engagement, etc. FeedPixel’s brand new TikTok money calculator takes into account your total number of fans, likes, and post as well as the country you live in to provide maximum accurate earning potential.

We’ve seen few TikTokers going viral within their first month. It usually takes half of a year for a beginner to stand out. Yet this all depends on the quality of the content you post (how fast it catches fire among the viewers!), your fans engagement (likes, comments, shares), and of course, where you live. Countries with highest TikTok use like India, USA, Turkey, Russia, etc. tend to promote their brands through TikTok influencer marketing most. Hence, the demand for a TikToker with several hundreds of fans and million likes is high.

If your aim on TikTok is to have fun only, then that’s probably does not worth time to see how much money you can make. But if there is a goal to turn your fun pastime into impressive money-making machine (who knows?) someday, FeedPixel’s TikTok Money Calculator is a tool to measure your success on the platform. And to match your TikTok achievements against the others to feed your ambitions and help you keep track of personal progress.

There’s a smart algorithm behind TikTok Money Calculator we offer, which performs multiple calculations at a lightning speed to give you an accurate date within seconds. We were able to add an exact formula and coefficients to each of the TikTok metrics thanks to a laborious 2.5 months we had to dive into more than 2K account analysis, and 10+ data analysis tools. Digging deeper than our competitors we’ve chosen to make it a bit more complex (asking to fill 7 elements of your TikTok account) to maximize calculation accuracy and its relevance to you.

Avid social media fans ouselves, we take pride in letting people grow their TikTok influence for free. Developing a helpful tool took us a great deal of time, financial resources and efforts. But we know its value for every potential TikToker and want to keep TikTok Money Calculator as an open source. You don’t have to buy anything from us to use it, or any of handy social media tools we have here at FeedPixel. In case you liked it, sharing or liking @FeedPixel on TikTok would be a great help to promote quality service and let many others enjoy it.

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