Instagram Money Calculator

Instagram Money Calculator

Hi Instagram go-getter 😉! Wondering how to take it big on the platform, and kick off your Instagram influencer marketing budget? If you’ve been on the platform for quite some time, chances are your account already worth a few hundreds of dollars. Or more. Pixel takes pride in presenting top-notch Instagram Money Calculator – your #1 business-wise tool to estimate account’s potential earnings and track your revenue growth, as engagement skyrockets.


Know Your Instagram Money Game Rules

  • Instagram macro Influencers (10 000+ followers)
  • Instagram micro Influencers (500+ followers)
  • Personal brands and freelancers (1-2 employees)
  • E-commerce stores and startups (2-50 employees)


Let’s Learn How It All Goes from Start to Finish

tiktok earnings calculator

Step 1

You input the number of followers, likes and comments on your instagram account, show the approximate number of posts per month, and select your niche and location from the drop down menu (20-30 seconds)

tiktok money estimator

Step 2

You get the results showing your average earnings per post, estimated monthly and yearly revenue (3-5 seconds)

tiktok earnings calculator

Step 3

We verify instagram calculator accuracy every 144 hours of uptime to maintain 91% precision (based on users data)


The 3 F’s for your advantage


you get the results within 3-5 seconds. No download. Time is money, right?


you pay nothing: not today, not tomorrow. Have to be a customer? No.


you can use it even if you are a newbie. Input your numbers - count is on us! Why wait any longer?

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Get all your HOW, WHAT and WHY out of your way


With 1 billion monthly active users on the platform, Instagram proves to be a profitable market for all sorts of businesses (except for few). An influencer gets on average 20-100 thousand followers on his account (depending on niche, audience engagement and timing). 68% of Millennials consume stories on Instagram. The obvious reasons are 2: to boost sales (more views/likes = more sales), and to build brand awareness and reputation (the more famous the influencer – the higher the reach and brand’s value).

The truth is that there is no maximum or minimum influencer profits on Instagram. The amount you get from the platform presence is directly proportional to the amount of account engagement (aka likes, comments, views, followers) and the time you spend on Instagram. If an average Instagrammer spends about 60 min/day (53 minutes to be exact), you have to make sure you spend the double of that. According to Digiday, a good start to charge per followers is about $10.00 per 1000 followers, while per post it accounts roughly between $75.00-$1000.00 again based on the followers count.

You probably expect us to talk about growing followers count, posting regularly, and/or applying some dirty secrets of paid promotion. Well, that all matters, but… You really need to understand the dynamics of Instagram to begin with influencer marketing. Go ahead and explore your passions, experiment with all sorts of posts (go live, post stories…), and have fun with it. You will see how easy you catapult your engagement. Be aware of time to post as well. It is best to post on Thursday at 5 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 4 PM. Learn more about time to post here. That said, the number of actively engaged followers does make a difference when it comes to negotiating an influencer marketing cost.


As digital marketing geeks, we believe in the power of social platforms, and their place in how today’s business works. Without keeping an eye on spending/earnings no personal brand/business is going to make profits. And the first thing you do to track your profit margin is to calculate be it Instagram, or any other platform. Developing an easy and fast Instagram Money Calculator took us 40+ days of charting through more than 300 accounts before we got the gist of what really impacts influencers gain on Instagram. Dedication to providing superior user experience and thorough data analysis make us absolutely sure in calculator’s high standard.

As for statistics, 1 billion people use Instagram each and every month for an average of 53 minutes daily; 36-60% of users earn between 60K-100K+, and more than 600 million people use the platform to discover new products, and follow their favorite product lines. Not surprisingly, Instagram influencer marketing is popular more than ever. With just 1-2% of their budget brands can have up to 10 times of ROI. Isn’t it the obvious reason why the ever-growing number of brands prefer to approach influncers?

As was said above, factors with most impact on revenue growth of an influencer on Instagram are taken into account when calculating your earning potential. Yet there are certain factors that may be difficult to calculate, namely the number of brands approaching you in a single month, average niche share of the influencer market, etc. The calculator itself is simply a tool to estimate potential worth of your account and not to show how much you actually are paid. Also, please note that as engagement figures grows, so does your earning potential.


It is always an ethical matter if someone is treated fairly. Instagram Money Calculator is your number one tool to estimate account potential. Besides, there are always data on how to charge a brand contacting you. As for Digiday, a fee for product endorsement is negotiated in two ways: per followers count (about $10.00 per 1000 followers), and per post (between $75.00-$1000.00 depending on the number of followers).

There is nothing for us in scamming people. You are not even required to make a purchase, sign up, or complete a human verification test. The estimates brought by the calculator are shown for you so that you can see how the charge fee for influencer endorsement goes up as your account engagement grows. And not to claim the exact fee from a brand partnering with you. After all, it’s all about negotiation between influencer and business.

It all boils down to two things – content engagement and account growth. The more you post interesting and value-driven content, the more engaged followers you get and the more likely they to view all of your postings (yup, even promotional ones). Bear in mind, as a numbers game, Instagram loves growth. If you are still thinking if the followers count is important, you may read more here.