Buy Instagram Views [Real Non-Drop Ig Views]

Struggling to get views on your Instagram videos or Stories? Real Instagram video views from FeedPixel will power up your Instagram account, ensure your posts get noticed by other users, and never passed by the Instagram algorithm. Buy Instagram views from real accounts and double your chances of growing your Insta page steadfast.


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How To Buy Instagram Views

Looking to buy Instagram views for your video? FeedPixel is known for high-quality video and Story views, flexible discount system, and natural delivery methods. Why not place your views order in two clicks?

Step 1

Select the views package with 1000 – 100 000 views for videos/Stories. Try Instagram Package Builder for custom amounts.

Step 2

Leave a URL link to your Story or video to drive off views, or just a username to split views between all Stories you have.

Step 3

Confirm your order making payment. 50+ payment processors guarantee an easy transaction no matter which country you live.


Want to see how customers buy Instagram views from FeedPixel? Let a 2-minute video guide you through step by step.

Why FeedPixel

FeedPixel boasts quality video and Story views, safe and secure delivery, and VIP customer support round the clock. Buy real Instagram views with interactions, impressions, and reach at the lowest prices on the market; and improve your brand reach with us. Nearly 70 million Instagram views are supplied for 90 000+ Stories and videos. Buy cheap Instagram views from real Instagram users and boost your brand authority and recognition quickl


Although many claim to sell cheap views, FeedPixel lowers the prices on Instagram views to a minimum. The best quality Instagram video/Story views you could get is here.


Instagram story/video views are delivered within 6-48 hours or less. Geographic location, time of the day, and the size of a package makes no difference.


FeedPixel makes sure you get the best quality Instagram video views from real accounts with reach and impressions at the cheapest price.


From the order placement to the payment to its delivery, we make sure everything is safe and organic. To prevent security issues we never require an Instagram password.


Reach us out 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service specialist.


Buying real Instagram views from genuine app users, your Instagram videos and Stories are sure to reach wider audiences and increase your profile visits.

How do Instagram views work?

#1 Improve visibility of your video/Story

Instagram views are vital for letting your videos or Stories get into the viewers feed. Whether you are an artist, a small business, or an influencer, with over a billion monthly active users on Instagram (2020), getting video views might be harder than you expect. We take pride in helping newer accounts with under 1000 followers gain visibility and exposure when they buy Instagram views. But it also serves high-quality video views for much bigger accounts of 100 000 followers to push their reach and influence even further. Unlike fake views and scammy services, real Instagram video views from FeedPixel maximize your popularity chances while keeping your profile safe.

#2 Make your profile look credible

Because 30% of the Instagram users buy products they discover on Instagram, and about 66% of profile visits come from users who don’t follow a brand yet, improving your brand’s credibility and trust is important. Buying real Instagram views is likely to promote your videos and increase profile visits, reach, and impressions.

Boosting the level of interaction, your account gets promoted by the Instagram algorithm. Having thousands of authentic views on your video help catch the attention of the app users. Think of yourself, an impressive number of likes, views, and comments signals a worthy content urging you to watch (and follow if you really liked the content), right? Same with other Instagrammers.

While some prefer video views, other users buy Instagram views for Stories. Because of their engagement potential and short span, it is important that you make sure each Story gets enough views to gain wider exposure than a typical post. Instagram Story views from FeedPixel lets you decide whether you want views on all of your Stories, or just for a specific one. No worries about the price: in both cases, it stays the same low.

As a premier social media service, FeedPixel rolls out an exclusive feature of Instagram views on multiple Stories allowing you to boost all existing Stories instead of just one. If for example, you order 1000 Story views and you have 5 Stories saved as highlights, FeedPixel automatically delivers 1000 Instagram views on each of your Stories. So, you get 5 times more views than you paid for. If you are interested in growing your account further, we are glad to deliver real Instagram followers and authentic likes at the cheapest prices on the market.

#3 Boost followers engagement

Stories and videos on Instagram matter; and 50% of Instagram brands are using it to their advantage. As for the statistics, a video post on Instagram generates twice the amount of comments a typical (photo) post gets. There is also a significant jump of 38% in the engagement rate for an Instagram video compared to an image post.

Would you miss a chance to turn your followers into loyal fans?

Both influencers and companies go live and post Instagram videos to build a strong brand reputation and following. The more engaged the followers are, the more likely they are to turn into customers. When you buy Instagram views, your video looks popular, catching the interest of other app users. Regularly uploading interesting videos and keeping followers commenting and liking it, gives your account an organic boost.

For emerging, influencers higher engagement means bigger contracts with major brands. For businesses, engaged followers and loyal customers bring in more sales and revenue. Why not trust 1500 customers buying Instagram views from FeedPixel?

#4 Get more followers on Instagram

For all the effects of Instagram views, growing followers count on Instagram comes naturally. Reaching a wider audience of viewers and potential followers is the key to building niche authority and boosting viewers engagement and video interaction.

Seeing brand accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers interacting with a brand, more Instagrammers identify it as reliable and are twice as likely to follow.

If you are looking to make your Instagram account popular, get on the Instagram Explore page, or beat competitors in your niche, authentic Instagram views with impressions and reach help your videos be seen and not scrolled down.

Hundreds of app users who buy views on Instagram Stories and videos through FeedPixel, have already got the results. Take a look at our customer reviews.

Instagram Views







Instagram Views FAQ

Why do people buy Instagram views?

Instagram video views work the same way as YouTube views. The more views you have, the more likely you are likely to get new views. And not only views but followers and likes. 

Because sponsored Instagram videos generate 3 times more engagement, influencers and brands make sure the post reaches as many people as possible. Buying Instagram views help a video appear interesting and worthy of watch time. A video with highly engaged viewers signals the algorithm its value, improving profile rankings and boosting its visibility.

How to get more views on Instagram video?

If you want to grow your views count quickly, FeedPixel is your #1 Instagram views provider. Millions of active app users buy Instagram views for both videos and Stories when launching their promo campaigns or making updates to their services and websites. This simple trick increases viewership and a video reach. 

Try authentic Instagram video views from FeedPixel, and watch your video gain popularity and exposure. Need Instagram Story views? We would be glad to cover you.

How Instagram actually counts the views?

While you may not notice how many seconds you spend watching a Story or a video, Instagram picks up on every tap and swipe to determine how much is your video worth. Instagram video views that are less than 3 seconds are not counted as real Instagram video views. 1-2 seconds long views are unintentional views when someone is simply scrolling down the feed, and in Instagram terms “shows little engagement”. 

There is a common question, whether the algorithm counts multiple views from a single profile. The short answer is no. It couts only unique views. Same with your own views. Watching the video you posted over and over again won’t help either.

How Instagram views from FeedPixel work?

Instagram video views with reach and impressions that we provide come from real Instagram accounts with their own followers and posts. These are actual people viewing your videos and Stories. It’s no secret that Instagram algorithm recognizes worthy accounts and content by the number of views, followers, and likes they get. These are all clear signs of viewers positive interaction with creators’s content. 

Great deal of views on Instagram video catches users attention, making them commit to watch. In many cases, if a video message resonates with a viewer he/she posts a comment or gives it a like. Putting out a great video and buying Instagram views on it is the most organic way to power up followers engagement and increase followers count fast. Adding the right hashtags would amplify this effect, letting your content get into the viewers feed.

How fast is the delivery?

The standard delivery time for Instagram views is about 4-48 hrs. While everyone is boasting instant delivery, FeedPixel tries to keep a balance between fast and safe. The speed is automatically adjusted to the current size of your Instagram account, the number of followers you have, and your order preferences. This simple account analysis before the delivery (and not one-size-fits-all approach!) turns one-time users into the lifelong customers of FeedPixel.

Consider yourself, is your Insta account worth risking getting hundreds of followers at once?

Is buying Instagram video views safe for my account?

Absolutely. From the order placement to its delivery, FeedPixel makes sure your Instagram account is safe. To ensure high safety standards, the developers team make little adjustments whenever the algorithm releases an update. Over the years not a single account was ever suspended for buying Instagram views from us.

Aside from the delivery, we make sure accounts are not hacked. To prevent unnecessary risks, FeedPixel requires no more than a username (for Instagram Story views) or a video link to place an order. We suggest you never provide your account password and registration email to any service that asks for login credentials.

Should I provide a password to my account?

No.Not the password nor signing in is required to buy Instagram video views, followers, and likes through FeedPixel. We also do not ask annoying security questions or in any way keep you on our website. 

The delivery is done from the outside of your account and does not interfere with your Instagram activity. Besides, it is completely safe to buy Instagram video views since they come from real users.

What payment options FeedPixel accepts?

Make a PayPal transaction, or pay via Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Discover card. All major crypto coins such as (Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Libra (LIBRA), Monero (XMR), and other coins are also accepted. Pick the payment which is most convenient for you.

Can you split my order between several Instagram videos?

Yes, it is possible. There is the minimum views requirement however. We can split the selected number of Instagram video views if each video gets 1000 views and more. Ordering 5000 Instagram views you may submit up to 5 URL links to Instagram videos. Buy Instagram views at the most convenient way for you.


As a marketer I know when someone is bragging about the quality, eight times out of ten that product or service turns out to be of low quality. I’m glad this time I’m wrong. The views all came in from users with complete accounts and posting activity. Looking to try other services as well.

Teddy Figueroa

In a few months while on the lockdown, I got down to my ig presence. By nature, I’m not that social “grammer” vlogging day in and day out. So do my account (followed by only friends and family). But it all changed when I lost my job because of the recession. I bought all FeedPixel services for Instagram – likes, followers, comments, and views. Just got an email with a 500 brand deal. Unbelievable. Think that surely works!

Sasha Stevens

Months back I tried Instagram monthly packs. Delivery was natural and i had no care about buying followers and rest separately. Wish you could return it back in stock.

Fred Horton

Real prices, fast delivery, and custom solutions. Love Pixel!

Eman Pena

I used Instagram services several times in the past. Never had any issues with my orders. Looks like FeedPixel knows the work:)

Jimmie Whiteley

Satisfied with the quality of views. Just wish they could have rolled faster!

Codie Shields

Instagram views we purchased helped our Etsy store take off the ground. We have more followers, comments and sales than ever. Happy such services exist

Bob Sykes

Ordering Instagram views for my Stories each week. Never got my order cancelled or delayed. FeedPixel is the service who stands by its promise. Thanks

Aida Torres

It’s so cool! You order storyviews hoping to get for one, but all your Stories get a bump! Best you owe nothing to them i mean you pay for just 100 or 200 but get many more! Keep coming here for your insta.

Martin Ellis