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Hi friend! I am excited to help you earn a full-time income from YouTube.
 It took me 28(!) weeks to develop a fully functional 3.0 high-speed YouTube income calculator for people like you, who are serious about making money from their YouTube channels.  No registration or human verification is required. It’s free to use for everyone.

Why You May Need YouTube Money Calculator

Estimate daily earnings of your channel

Keep track of your channel revenue each month

Calculate how much a single video can earn

Know possible yearly income from your channel

See how much other YouTubers make

Compare your profits from various videos

How To Use YouTube Calculator On FeedPixel

The whole process takes less than a minute and is super easy to use.

If you want to calculate earnings for several videos on your channel just add the number of views on both and divide by the total number of days since their upload. For example, you have video A and video B with the total number of views of 59000. Video B was uploaded 4 days ago and video B 5 days before video A (9 days ago). To know the daily views for both you divide 59000 by 13 days to get 4 538 as your daily views number.

Keep in mind that CPM (click per 1000 views) varies from country to country. It can be as high as 18-20 USD (2019) in Australia, the USA and UK, and as low as 0. 10 – 0.20 USD (2019) in some African countries and the Middle East. To understand better CPM and how it is calculated you may check here.

It can be anywhere between 40% to 70% for the most channels. Anything less than 40% speaks of low-engagement of channel viewers. Likewise, anything higher than 70 % retention is highly desirable, but hard to get. To note, viewer retention is the percentage of a video people watch. If your video’s length, for example, is 5 minutes, and your viewers watch for 2.5 minutes, then your retention rate is 50%.

Picking a category for your video allows more accurate calculation of your potential ad revenue as a direct result of change in engagement and number of views. Also, industries like Entertainment will range anywhere from 30 cents to $4.50 for RPM (revenue per mille/1000 views), while something like Parenting might range from $1 to $5. On the other hand, quality videos for entertainment tend to have higher retention rate and more views, than purely educational content.

The geographic zone plays an important role in potential revenue value. The same CPM in South-East Asia and North America may be poles apart. Also, major streams of your channel’s traffic comes from your region in your native language, unless English is an official language of where you live. So, the location you state customizes your potential YouTube channel earnings.

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