Organic Traffic For Your Website

Hi again! Pixel knows you dream of reaching millions of potential customers worldwide, and is here to help you buy organic traffic for your website for as low as $ 10.80 for amazing 30 000 real visitors per month – 1k every single day! Dream of something bigger than that? No problem, here’s plenty of fish! With perfectly optimized quality traffic for the most affordable price, and responsive account specialists your successful online enterprise is just around the corner. Learn more about FeedPixel’s unique loyalty program for regular customers. Buy quality traffic today and start earning now.

Buy-As-You-Go Packages

Buy-as-you-go packages have 4 variations to choose. Low priced organic traffic is much needed to add visibility to your business, let your content go viral easy way, and obviously, get the leading edge in revenue. Let us know if additional help in finding the best suite is required, and we promise you’ll have the best deal today.

Web Traffic 1

$ 10
Low Bounce Rate
  • 1000 Visitors / Day for 30 Days
  • + 3 Keywords
  • + 3 Referers

Web Traffic 2

$ 20
Low Bounce Rate
  • 2500 Visitors / Day for 30 Days
  • + 5 Keywords
  • + 5 Referers

Web Traffic 3

$ 38
Low Bounce Rate
  • 5000 Visitors / Day for 30 Days
  • + 7 Keywords
  • + 7 Referers

Web Traffic 4

$ 75
Low Bounce Rate
  • 10000 Visitors / Day for 30 Days
  • + 10 Keywords
  • + 10 Referers

Alternate numbers

1 M
Visitors provided
1 K
Keywords Referred

How to Buy

Taking as little as 3 minutes, the buying process has only 3 steps and is clear cut for all customers. Customers’ comfort and speed of the process have always been FeedPixel’s motto.

Step 1

Choose the most attractive organic traffic package for you. Hard to choose by yourself? Chat with our account specialist assigned to each particular clients who will help you make the most out of your purchase. Discover the plus sides of shopping on FeedPixel ,and enjoy the service.

Step 2

Provide us your website URL for which you buy organic traffic, up to 10 desired keywords, and up to 3 referrers (depending on your pack). No worries, the information that you provide we keep close to our chest. We guarantee 100% safe and private buying process, and no any account details are asked from you.

Step 3

Select a payment method, when you are done with first and second steps. Make a transaction and wait a couple of minutes for it to be processed by our system. Within 48-72 hours of its approval, we’ll begin delivering the daily portion of human visitors you ordered.


Pixel’s help is right in the nick of time! We guarantee your best customer experience and a great value for money with short video guide illustrating the buying process.

Why Us

Premium quality organic website traffic trackable through the Google Analytics with a low bounce rate from the most trusted social media market is a sure path to your lucrative business. Get reasonably priced keyword targeted traffic for the whole month and see magic. Registration free and rich with options, and reliable 24/7 Live Chat support, FeedPixel is the best organic traffic wholesaler on the market.

Fast delivery

The delivery is made within 48-72 hours right after the payment is processed, regardless of geographical location, time of the day, or the package ordered.

organic growth

100% Adsense safe organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc, delivered daily in 1k increments for 30 days, guarantees you new customers and more revenue.

quality service

Premium quality organic traffic with targeted keywords is what helps you to position your business successfully, and wins our customers trust.


FeedPixel guarantees transparency of the process, and its safety via secured payment portal with no password or other credentials asked.

Support 24/7

Customer support specialists are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Reach out via Live Chat, Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from us.

brand awareness

With more than 50 thousand happy clients, more than 300 thousand monthly human visitors delivered globally we have established FeedPixel brand.


Most frequent questions and answers

Organic Traffic is the number of visitors coming directly from major search engines’ search results. Rankings found naturally and are the ones not promoted via advertising, but rather ranked by the search engines themselves on the basis of relevance and popularity. Entering the keywords people are looking for, they click the keyword links in search engines and land on the website’s URL.

Here are the reasons why entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups should consider buying organic traffic. First of all, high figures for organic traffic help a website to improve its search ranking since Google and other search engines rank a website based on the number of visitors it attracts. Secondly, buying a pack of organic traffic will increase the selling value of the website manifold if you wish to resell the domain later on. Finally, getting more visitors means higher earning potential to any enterprise. Getting a few bucks more won’t hurt you, right?

You will get 100% real human traffic. We know how quality impacts performance of our customers, so it is in our best interest to provide reliable service, and let businesses grow. After you order and made the transaction we will provide you with the user and password so that you can log onto your statistics area and see your traffic with IP evidence. FeedPixel uses our unique tracking system which matches Google, and is 100% reliable.

With many unreliable providers and greedy companies, you don’t want to risk your money, and most importantly, your brand. As a relatively small enterprise, FeedPixel depend on the number of customers and makes sure no one is left unsatisfied with the service. All our products are about quality and affordability. Organic traffic in particular, is the one that is selectively generated to meet the highest standards. Only real human traffic – no bots or other mechanics. Responsive customer service, point program and seasonal discounts are part of our promise.

To pay for the order you’ll only need a few minutes for transaction. PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrency are the payment methods we accept. When choosing a purchase, you can “Add it to cart”, or press “Proceed with Payment”. Next, you actually make a transaction, and that’s it.  Importantly, FeedPixel’s point system for regular customers allows you to factor in the points you gained from your order into your billing.



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