Price Increase for all Instagram Views Services!

Instagram has released an algorithm update yesterday. Before this update, from one Instagram account you could watch a video hundreds of times and all views were counted. Now, according to the new algorithm, only the first watch counts as a view. Hence, in order to adapt to the new algorithm, we had to make a big change to our system which made it way more costly for us to run it.

SoundCloud Downloads

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5 reviews for SoundCloud Downloads

  1. boommerstring767

    Over the last couple of years our band tried different SMM services but the results were far less than we expected. Downloads from feedpixel impressed how much engagement was after. I think they use real people accounts and that’s why we had great aftereffects. Also tried plays. Worked well.

  2. Aaisha Hastings

    After working so hard, the last thing I wanted to do was to wait some old guy to come and download out of pity. Not that it did not happen. It is just that it did not feel good. Especially when you only have couple of hundred downloads. That is when ONE of my friends (God bless him) recommended that I try feedpixel. He himself used it for his Instagram, I was skeptical at first.Bbut seeing that it helped him, I gave it a shot. So glad I took the advice, now I have natural downloads of thousands every time I drop a beat. pixel rocks.

  3. Kynan Becker

    Many kudos for the fast delivery, high quality and the cheap prices.

  4. rickycheecky

    Downloads signal that the track is appreciated and has large following on Soundcloud and every artist who wants to make music career needs quality downloads from FeedPixel. I’m buying 5 time and hope to get in the top within the next months. I got around 40k plays and downloads each week organically.

  5. Pinknwhite

    Downloads is one of the best indicators of good track performance, so I decided to order Feedpixel downloads on one of my tracks to see how it would go. I ordered 1k and then started ordering more as I saw some legit results. Highly recommend.

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