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13 reviews for TikTok Views

  1. AliXY

    Tiktok views are everything when wanting to go viral. I had gone viral several times after buying from feedpixel. And a little less than half of all the money i earned in the past 4 months came from buying quality social media engagement.

  2. skippy44

    Bought TikTok views fifth time. Every time they help me get maximum reach on the platform, and hope to go viral soon. Warm regards from your big fan, guys.

  3. Greenky

    I regularly shop at FeedPixel for several months now. 8 or 9 i guess. They never let me down so far. Views are real. Fans are engaged and customer service is excellent.

  4. Jaiden Zavala

    I have 10,000 views now every since I bought the first 1000 from you guys like a week or so ago. I wanted to thank you for you hard-work and helping me to get this. it means a lot to me as a new and upcoming influencer. look forawrd to be working with you

  5. Eliott Naylor

    TikTok being new and all, seems like it is a promising newfoundland, however, not if you have no views or likes whatsoever. So, buying me some views might give me a chance to stand against all the grown tall influencers. Never tried be4, friend advised seems like fun but we’ll see what’s coming my way

  6. Jillian Ireland

    Hello FeedPixel users
    When it comes to TikTiok views must be the most important thing. thus it places a big importance in buying them as well. with feedpixel I never had any issues. Hope I won’t in the future too.
    Thank you guys

  7. _emoGirl357

    i tried trolishly, apsally and hel lot others. They suck! Views always drop and once i got even suspended but it’s now all round back. It’sa bit more costly here but views come from real accounts and not me nor my friends ever got problems. But i recommend to get a few likes as well to balance out ,you know Anyway, thanks for asking feedback pixel guys:)

  8. Paisley Fritz

    Hey guys
    I just love how pixels, works bought some views for the first time, cannot express how thankful and surprised I am to have found an authentic views and likes provider. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now that i know it works. I will be getting a whole bunch of new products from you every week.

  9. AmyLin

    Pixel is best for all tik tok stuff i use everything here. best in the market. More they are cool ppl who put customer first. np with them!!!

  10. @greenbe

    guys asked to leave feedback here sooo, i like the views you serve:) No drops and it all looks organic. i’ve downloaded app couple of weeks but enjoying it to the fullest! Stay safe everyone

  11. LouGato

    Droped to say thanks third in a row my video is hitting up! Views and likes REALLY working 💘 what you do

  12. Scoopho_

    have no complaints whatsoever. Looove you Pixel!

  13. T_J

    I wanted to put 5 but the last time i ordered it got delayed. I know how you value customers and think that is all because of freaking pandemic and few staff. Fingers crossed it’ll be over soon!

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