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3 reviews for LinkedIn Connections

  1. Ty Blue

    I am a recent college grad and struggled much to build connections and get endorsement on the platform but I desperately needed a job to be able to repay my loan. My girlfriend at that time has suggested to buy connections from pixel which were reasonably priced and seemed effective for her. I did and got multiple offers at once. Miracle!

  2. Greg King Jr.

    Connections let me enjoy variety of offers from major IT companies and land a job I was after for years. Of course interview is also important but without fully-furnished LinkedIn profile your candidacy has a great chance of being turned down. Just buy from sources like feedpixel that are true to themselves and respect their clients.

  3. shy.genius

    When connections did not arrive in the first 24 hours I got a call from feedpixel and was kindly asked to wait a little longer as the system did experience peak time. I was angry at first but appreciated the direct reach and explanations. I got my order within the next day and hold no reservations from advising feedpixel.

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