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4 reviews for LinkedIn Recommendations

  1. Sofía

    I couldn’t get a job I wanted and the LinkedIn profile was to blame! In my country when somebody hires you it has nothing to do with your social media profile unless you apply for international company. That’s where LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements are going to be invaluable. Knowing this today I tend to buy here (my favorite place to shop) when needed.

  2. Rémi M

    Was on the platform for ages! Recs from worthy people really helps. Recs here at pixel come from field experts and let me build credibility and get my profile score high within PR niche.

  3. Ella-Louise Swanson

    Getting recommended by someone is like the only true way to land a good job. It does not matter if that recommendation was bought or earned especially these days when it has become harder to earn them. The service is good, deserves 5

  4. Ira Ware

    If you have never been able to hold a job for more than a few months, and have suffered throughout your whole life. LinkedIn recommendations can help you change that. it might be hard to find someone to do that for you, but it is not hard to buy it. and both work the same way . Pixel helped me in this a lot.

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